Technological advances allow learners to use such tools as the Internet, e-mail or Skype. E-learning can give you an innovative and exciting new approach to learning English using modern technology. It can give you the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where you want and at your own pace. In particular:

  • you prepare your study and/or exams at home with flexible timing;
  • there is no time pressure - you determine when and how long you will study;
  • you study independently.

It may appeal to you if the following apply:

  • you have mobility problems that make travel or attendance difficult or impossible;
  • you have commitments elsewhere which make it harder for you to attend a face-to-face regular course;
  • you work shifts or irregular hours;
  • you live a long way from me as a training provider.

E-learning uses a variety of media providing communication between the learner and the tutor. If this is your option of learning, we are going to use the following:

  • online information;
  • TV and radio broadcasts;
  • audio clips and CD-ROMs;
  • traditional written materials (e.g. books and materials but extended into digital and online products);
  • real-time audio and video contact via Skype;
  • e-mail support.
As your tutor I can provide support by phone, e-mail or online (Skype + webcam). Although I am based in Stuttgart , Germany , I can offer phone or Skype English-language services to anywhere. If you live in Stuttgart or nearby and this is your option of choice , I strongly recommend a combination of bricks and mortar together with online tuition. We can meet face to face e.g. once a month concentrating on web-based training carried out on a regular basis. If you happen to live away from Stuttgart , be it in Germany or elsewhere, we can have our sessions exclusively online using Skype and webcam.

I have been running online courses for the last four years. So, if interested, please CONTACT me for further details.