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This is a website dedicated to my professional activities, i.e. Business English Communications Training and Cambridge ESOL Preparation Courses to sit CAMBRIDGE EXAMS . Teaching English is known under different names, be it EFL (English as a Foreign Language), or - especially in the U.S.A. - ESL (English as a Second Language). More and more often, however, we refer to it as EIL (English as an International Language). English has a tremendous impact on the world we live and work in. No language in human history has ever achieved the status enjoyed today by this particular language. There are three main reasons for the current status of the world's lingua franca:
1) it's the economic importance of the U.S.A. in particular along with other English-speaking countries,
2) globalization of the worldwide economy, which is in need of a shared language platform, and
3) recent technological advances spearheaded by the Internet and digital revolution which help spread English globally. That is why English can be given a clean bill of health and it does not look like it will have to share the fate of Latin in the foreseeable future.

It's time, then, Dear Learners, that you left your linguistic auto pilot and began to maximize your language potential by opening up to the world of English. Learn to communicate effectively and more fluently in everyday situations. Improve your command of English, both spoken and written, in a way best suited to your preferences. You can do it traditionally (face-to-face) or through the Internet ( E-LEARNING ) using Skype, email or the telephone. In case of the former option I come to you (or your company's premises). We can also meet in the centre of Stuttgart or at my home. If you decide for the latter option, you're only a mouse click away from me. If it is conversational English, BUSINESS ENGLISH , TECHNICAL ENGLISH , or CAMBRIDGE EXAMS you're interested in, I am at your disposal.

On my website you can TEST YOUR LEVEL or play two games to see how good you are with business-related vocabulary ( DESCRIBING TRENDS ) and grammar ( PHRASAL VERBS ) , or follow 'Your daily, mini guide to English', where every single day you can find some tips and facts on various aspects of English.

As Professor David Crystal once said:

'We speak English using a tally of only some forty-four contrasting sounds, write with just twenty-six letters, incorporate a couple of dozen punctuation marks, build words from merely a few hundred elements, and construct sentences out of some 3,000 or so constructions - but we insert into these sentences the best part of a million words.'

And I will be glad to help you find a smooth way through this sometimes overwhelmingly complex, yet enjoyable maze.

However, it is not only grammatically correct English which is a guarantee of effective, appropriate and successful communication. A good knowledge of the culture of the land together with a broad lexical content in various fields will also make the difference between a mediocre and a good speaker.

So, would you rather follow a bumpy road, full of potholes or cruise along the smooth and level tarmac of a linguistic motorway?

Why, then, don't you Pluck up Ze* Courage and CONTACT me for further details.

I look forward to future business contacts with you.

Peter Z. Chrachol

*ze=the ('ze' is typically used in English to indicate the German accent when pronouncing the 'th' sound.)